Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kimori Family Home

The Kimori Family Home

The Kimori Family now has acquired a House in north east Ankh-Morpork in the Green and tranquil setting of the Tump. Laule Kimori is very pleased to have acquired the new house as the Tump is such a quaint location and has a proper castle near by and is on a hill, which affords as Laule says Fantastic and stunning views over the idyllic and peaceful metropolis that is Ankh-Morpork.

Laule rescued this house as it was the house of the Potpie clan, who Laule is very close links too, considering his Wife Ooonah was a Potpie who married into the Kimori Clan. Laule was sad when he hered the house had gone up for auction but will renovate it and build it back to the glory it once was in dedication to Pame Potpie and for the Glory of the Kimori clan.

Laule has some Ideas on how we can use the house, but would most of all love family members to feel that it is their own place to add and change to make it our own, any financial or physical support is very welcome and please put any new ideas to Laule and I'm sure we can make it a place both to be enjoyed and used.

Down to Laules room ideas -

The front garden - I propose we leave the garden unlocked so people can wander in, and we place a statue(if this is possible) of the great lord Taiki kimori who is our founder of the family in Ankh-Morpork, with a plaque explaining about the family and inviting people if they wish to enjoy the facility's of the house to talk to a member of the family. I may also leave a box with keys as only family members I have permitted will be able to get them.(and npc thief's but I'm not to worried about them)

I propose we lock the front door, if people want to come in and share facilities i am more than happy to permit non family members to certain rooms.

The downstairs hallway - I have transferred most the stuff from the old kimori bedsit to here and propose that this can be one of 2 general storage areas where family members can keep a chest or wardrobe with their personal items in(I propose that each member locks their furniture item to avoid confusion)

The Study(Laule) - This is the room Laule fited out for him and Ooonah and I intend to use it as Laules personal study and refurnish it as it was.

The Lounge(Fegreac) - In dedication to the Potpies I would like to return this room to being a music room and Fegreac has already got us a beautiful bookshelf to put music instruments on. I propose we also put a bookshelf here with a small library of books from the Disc providing there is space. this would make a good space to Idle.

The Kitchen - A good Role play space as always and I am looking for someone who might enjoy equipping this kitchen, I recommend we move the table that Ryuu obtained using 5 finger discount for us and cups, bowls ect.

The Rear Garden(Ceridwen) - I suggested to our Ceridwen that this space could be used for the family witches, a shelf to store teas on, I know that Valdulech prefers camping out beneath the stars and it will be a good place for outside spells.

The Landing - A second storage space where family members can store their stuff also wondered about keeping components here. like a stash of incense for priests and I would always be happy bringing ash back from my hunting in escrow. Of course tell me what you would find useful and we can see about finding features that may be used all Ideas welcome.

The Games Room(Carasel) - Carasel has recently suggested that she would like to try more games out so I have asked her to set up a games room. Id like opinions on the decor of this room I think its quite fitting for a games room I even saw a coffin table I felt may fit in, but that's up to carasel;)

The Master Bedroom - I feel I should give this room over to Taiki as head of the family and will be keen to see what he would like to do with it :)

So there is a line up of rooms in the new Kimori home, because I have put peoples names by rooms dose not mean that they are the only one who can change the room, collaboration is very welcome in fact the more fun and social the house is the better.

As the registered owner of the house Laule holds the money for it and will try to ensure there is always more than 3 months rent in his account so that the house stays in our control, this responsibility is not transferable and I have taken it on happily. If you find using the house useful then I would gladly accept donations to help with upkeep and any furniture and items you would like to add would be wonderful.

Special thanks to Ceridwen and Zari for helping me move.

if you have a key to the old house please take it there and place it on the bedside cabinet.

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