Sunday, April 25, 2010

The letters of Valdulech

To my dearest,

These are the records of my dishonourable misfortunes and why I do not regret.

Darkness in my soul
Like dark trees in Uberwald
Yet I love you both.

Once I was a young man in service of the Lord Kimori. His humble personal aid and man servant I was. My daily life revolved around setting clothes, calligraph papers and plan my masters personal engagements. Those days were lived on the Counterweight Continent. Where gold is plenty and honour more valuable than the air we breathe.

The Lord of the Kimori was a good master for his servants and his treatment of me was no exception. Due to my position however I was well aware how important it was for the Kimori to do well in the game of politics and houses. And so I gave all my life to serve the Kimori.

Unfortunately our enemies plotted in the dark and together they ensured the downfall of the Kimori, not by crippling it, but by treacherous plotting and betrayal.

Our honour became stained and we were cast out from the Empire as the Emperor himself declared: all Kimori must be hunt down and slain. Our enemies listened very well that day and bloodshed followed.

Many sad events followed, yet also many great deeds happened to ensure the Kimori Clan would survive. I have killed for my Lord in the past and I certainly am willing to do so again. If I knew it would help him protect the Clan. My clan. I am Kimori, as were my father and grandfather before me.

It is difficult to explain for those outside the family, but it was home.

The Kimori that survived the onslaught fled across the sea to Ankh Morpork. In the years that followed my Lord Kimori tried to rebuild the family. In those days I was his trusted right hand, having protected him in many occasion. We prepared for the day that we would be strong enough, so we could return home and reclaim our position. Either by proving the treason or by overthrowing the Emperor.

Our enemies had heard from our sanctuary in Ankh Morpork and one dark night a successful assassination resulted in the death of the Lord and his Lady. Chaos erupted as the clan fell apart. Kimori that had survived, suddenly disappeared into the streets. I had failed to protect my Lord! There are days I wish I had died that night alongside them.

Some time before I had met a gypsy on the gypsies fair. She was the sweetest creature and when I first laid my eyes on her, she seemed like a rose of beauty. Her name was Lola Dulech and she was the daughter of the gypsy leader. After the collapse of the clan, it was with her I fled. I joined the gypsies and we returned to the dark forests of Uberwald.

From our love you were born, my daughter. I have been able to protect you and live my life happily until the end of my days. Yet I feel sorrow and loss, because I lost my identity as a Kimori. The spilled blood is colouring my dreams and nightmares alike.

If you read this, I must have passed away. Alas! I never regretted you and Lola. But I regret I have not been able to restore our last name, the one we rightfully deserve.

There’s one thing I want to ask you, my sweet child, go to Ankh Morpork and once there inform at the Weapon Masters’ Court, seek the Taiki – if he is still alive today – and join his cause as rightful Kimori. Revenge our memory through service, like your ancestors before you.

Your old father,

Shimobe Kimori

Kimori Family Clan Update

Slight corrections in this update. Kyoshi sold her slave off to a dogfood company and married in secret with her gufnorkian beloved SoĆ¹ter. (Mind the accent.)

Meanwhile Ryuu ran into his long lost half-brother Kaito Kimori. The clan now takes care of him and protects him from the agents of the Empire. Their days of hunting down Kaito are over.

We are always happy to welcome new and old Kimori into the clan, but sometimes it can be saddening as well. The bitter memories of our betrayal and the costly sacrifice that followed as the Empire was brought down upon us, have left scars too deep for outsiders to understand.

As the Kimori clan grows, so will our power. And one day we will not hesitate to strike back and redeem our former homelands. To claim again what was ours. Until then, however, we wish our enemies interesting times.