Sunday, April 13, 2008

down on your luck, raiding the casino

So, newbie, strapped for cash, no skills yet, now what?
One of the most lucrative things i've found that don't require killing is selling of the scraps that other people leave on their corpses.

Yesterday evening, bombing at the tables of the casino. Down on my luck and had to cover my steeply increasing bets. Suddenly the atmosphere changed as a group of warriors burst in and started killing off guards around me. Quickly, clenching my last chips, I hid under the table. The hand passed, the warriors left. I looked at the two chips and placed them on the table. "I'll be back," I said to the dealer, "deal me in". Still shaking on my feet I found some loot dropped by one of the warriors. Hurrying to a general store to get back before the blinds hit me I sold it and ran back to the casino.
Second hand after I sat back down, I go all in and triple up. 2 more hands pass and I blew 4 guys off the table with a fullhouse.

Don't feel proud about picking up the garbage from others, but damned if I won't do it again!