Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kimori Family Clan Update

Arrein Kimori has joined the family, he's the property of Kyoshi. Nonetheless, give him a very warm welcome into the family and behold his exciting tale of how it came to pass:

Flames sparked into being as a match was lit. With precision it moved to the end of the cigar. A few second later smoke started to rise up towards the ceiling of the casino. Arrein O' Pianos grinned at the lady across the table. Her black hair was elegantly pinned up and contrasted with her white outfit. The white silk gloves firmly held the cards, while her agatean eyes looked back over them at the thief.

"I raise once more. 40 Genuan ducats." He tossed some coins on the growing pile at the center of the table.

She smiled politely and nudged the man standing next to her, who started shoving the right amount of coins towards the pile for her.

"You know," he took a sip from his beer, "today is my lucky day. Which means, I am going to get lucky..." He smiled a vile smile at her.

"You are starting to run out of coins, mister O'Pianos," said the girl.

"I could always get some new ones. Money is the least of *my* worries." His eyes locked with her. "If you know what I mean." He winked.

She chuckled. "I'm a Pishe priest, darling. My fate is in her hands. The stakes have been set, it's time to call the cards."

He grinned widely and displayed the cards in front of him. They were indeed a magnificant set. He leaned back. "So, what time do you..."

She lowered her hand and her cards were pressed on top of his. "I believe this combination is 1 point higher than yours, isn't it?" He blinked.

"That can't be.... impossible," he muttered.

"What is impossible, mister O'Pianos?" she politely asked.

"The cards... I..." he stuttered.

"...counted them," she finished his sentence. "And you also hid three of them in your left sleeve, another in your jacket and I saw an ace tugged away in your collar, mister O'Pianos. Is there anything you wish to explain to these fine genuan gentlemen in suits who have been so keen to observe us and ensured that everyone at the table followed the same rules?"

There was a stunned silence at the other side of the table.

"Excellent. Then you are now mine. Shut your mouth, stand up and follow me." As she spoke, she rose from her chair. "Please put the money on my account," she told the dealer. She left the table, but after a few feet turned towards Arrein again. "Come along now."

The thief grumbled and followed her example, keeping an eye on the 'genuan gentlemen' as he did so. Options of escape seemed few if none and appearantly he lost more today than just a few coins.

"Are you coming or not?" asked Kyoshi impatiently as she waited for the trickster. She tapped her foot as he approached.

"Right, where to milady?" The sarcasm was kept close with its razor sharpness for entertaining purposes.

"Well mister Arrein, I own you now. I will break you and then reforge you as I see fit." She paused. "Into a true Kimori."

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Recently we discussed permalights and the idea popped up to get one that reflects the family for each member.

Currently there are two shops we have our eyes on that can deliver customable rings:
  1. An elegant jewellery store at the Middle of Diamond Crescent in Genua.
  2. The jewel shop on the east end of Pearl Path in the Imperial district of Bes Pelargic near the river.

This is an elegant friendship ring set with a flawless emerald adorning a sapient pearwood band. The workmanship is impeccable and the whole ring is an exquisite example of Genuan handiwork. The band is tooled all the way around with intricate patterns and swirls that lend a heavily ornamented appeal to the whole. It looks very expensive, and undoubtedly was designed with great love and consideration for a very special person.

A fine silver ring, this bezel-set ring has been sculpted into a simple prong setting. The ring holds a large emerald that has been carefully cut into a multi-faceted finish. Glittering gently in the light, the emerald shines subtly, casting faint shadows of its hue on the silver setting that surrounds it.

I would like to request the familymembers to play around with the custom options for a bit and if they find a good combo, to mudmail these to our kitten Kyoshi.

There are two rules though:
  • The ring must symbolize the family;
  • There is a preference for the familycolour: green.

The combination that reflects our family best, will be used as the basis for our permalights.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kimori Airlines

Are you in need of a taxi? Looking for a quick trip to the other side of the Disc? Are you looking for a vacation or for excitement at exotic places?

Do not despair, for you can now fly with Kimori Airlines! A comfortable group of Taxi members who specialize in foreign places. Quite a few members of the Kimori family have specialized themselves in the travel over great distances and now you can do profit from that specialization through travel with a certain amount of luxury, coolness, speed or simply laidbackness.

The majority of Kimori Airlines is ready to go! Just signal your nearest active taxi with a polite request and hop aboard!

Kimori Airlines
360 degrees to anywhere

Check out these profiles of our flight attendants:

Carasel, Kyoshi, Laule and Llia.

The Laws of Kimori

I. The First Law

All for one and one for all. A Kimori looks out for his fellow Kimori. It is a right as it is a duty. Being a Kimori means something, take to it with care.
  1. No actions may be taken that damage the First Law. This includes actions of malicious intent from one Kimori to the other.
  2. The First Law applies to all members of Kimori, unless the member broke the First Law.

II. The Traditions

1. The Tattoo

All Kimori have dark blue tribal markings as a tattoo. The location varies. The tattoo is received at
  • The Initiation Ritual of Return. In which the Kimori celebrate the return of their lost family;
  • The Celebration of Ascendance. In which they celebrate the coming of age of a Kimori child;
  • The Acquisition of Honour. In which they embrace spouses as if they were one of their own.
2. Marriage

When marrying, the Kimori name is always the dominant one. Spouses marry into the family and must accept the Kimori name. The spouse will then acquire honour and be treated like any other Kimori.
  • Refusal is considered a disgrace and insult to the family. The spouse will be rejected as suitable material.
  • For a Kimori to denounce their Kimori name and take upon the name of another, is considered a breach of the First Law and should be dealt to accordingly.

3. The Initiation Ritual of Return

Any Kimori returning to the fold must be tested first. He or she must talk to the head of the family and as many other Kimori as possible. The claim will then be tested. If he/she speaks the truth, they pass and return. If they fail, their soul is cursed for all eternity.

4. Magical Family Channel

Kimori only. If they don't have the last name, they can't have acces to it. This includes the entire spectrum of banned, ex-kimori and alternative version and what not.

III. The Council

The council consists out of the following members and has several tasks:

  • Honourable Tiger of the Leaf (Head of the family)
  • Evergreen Little Kitten (Administration)
  • Bonsai Sensei (Advice, Archive)
  • Keeper of the Rake (Finance)

  1. Shape traditions and laws
  2. Judge these laws
  3. Punish whenever these laws are broken
When the council gathers, this must be announced at least a week before hand. All Kimori's may participate at the councils, but the decision remains with the council.

In case of a draw in any matter, the head of the family decides.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kimori Family Clan Update

Greetings beloved Kimori,

Today my lovely kitten Kyoshi has finished her three month research in the Ephebian Religious Library. Although she found a pile of new manuscripts on Pishe, she also encountered several documents indicating a younger sister of my father had travelled to Ephebia. The young priest went there to enrich herself. We are not entirely sure what happened at the time, but we did track down her daughter. None other than Llia Kimori.

With much love and happiness we have welcomed her back into the fold.

Cuddles and hugs for our Llia Kimori, cousin of Kyoshi, Ekki, Yva, Laule, Yossarianna, Oli, Eliza, Taiki, Myr and Azile. Neice of Keiichi and Ikke. Aunty to Uhr, Aremen, Carasel and Hidan.