Monday, March 24, 2008

Trees guard the forests and the sanctified places.

Or in some cases, they guard people.

After returning to AM from Genua, Taiki Kimori had not received any news from his friend Aell. She never showed up for their appointment in OC either. Being worried of what might have happened to his friend in the dark and very dangerous Uberwald region, Taiki stayed in OC for further news. A week later Aell finally arrived, weakened and sick.

Aell explained she found out who her relatives were and that she had gained the title of dutchess in the village of Glitz. She explained her condition was due to an attack by six vampires. An attack she had barely survived. After recovery from her injuries, Taiki decided to be her guardian and ensure she'd be safe.

As result he has been granted the title Knight of Glitz.

Since Taiki considers Aell a close friend, he chose to become her guardian and ensure her safety until she'd be able to fight off vampires on her own. A remarkable thing to do for someone who lived his life so far as mercenary or bodyguard. Nevertheless it has happened and perhaps stems from the same conviction in which he deals with his family members.

If Taiki dies in the line of duty. He expects any of his family members to take his place and finish what he swore to protect.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kimori Family Clan Update.

Welcome to the latest addition of our family: Keiichi Kimori. The twin brother of Ikke and uncle to Dheroan, Yva, Yossarianna, Eliza, Dracania, Taiki and Myr. He's a Kimorian Cutpurse of the Thieves' Guild and the first Kimori to live life as a Djelian.

You may wonder, how come that an Agatean ended up as a Djelian? Well, there's a very simple explanation for that. As you all know, Ikke was the only brother of Lord Kimori to be born on Ankh-Morpork soil. This thanks to a diplomatic mission at the time. He was however not the only child born that day. There was another one. The birth of one child of agatean nobility that was born outside agatea was horrible enough, the fact that it were two was an outright disaster. So the officials did what any good official would do, they messed around with the numbers and claimed only one was born. The administrative chaos that followed, resulted in Keiichi being barred from returning to Agatea and put up for adoption by mistake.

Keiichi Kimori was then adopted by an old Djelian couple. This elderly couple mistook his tinted skin as djelian heritage and brought him home with them. And so he happily grew up as a djelian citizen, until one day he found his way back into the arms of Kimori.

During Taiki's stay in Djelibeybi, where he learned the local language, the two ended up talking and discussing swords and the Kimori family after Taiki mistook him to be Ikke. Although quite similar in looks, they are of course two separate individuals.

And so the line of Kimori unfolds itself, unexpectadly, towards Klatch.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Kimori Legion of the Leaf

Kimori Legion of the Leaf is led by the heroic Taiki Kimori and features such renowned names as Yossarianna Kimori and Ikke Kimori.

Kimori's uniting to train with each other. Together with his uncle and cousin, Taiki set out in the afternoon. They walked from Ankh Morpork to Ford Pekan and, as Ikke said, they mowed down everything that came onto their path.

The operation was such a success, that it is very likely that such operations between family members will occur more often in the near future.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kimori Family Clan Update.

Give warm welcome greetings to the latest addition of the family: Yossarianna Kimori. (Or as her cousins already like to call her: Yossa-chan) She is the first Kimori born on Genuan soil to find the way back to the family.

Yossarianna returned to the warm embrace of the family thanks to Taiki Kimori's travels. Together with his good friend Aell von Glitz, he went to the swamplands city of Genua. Once there, their ways parted and his two-day visit was brutually disturbed by the local city guards. Mercenaries from the Weapon Masters' Court and local lawsystems tend to conflict often, so this comes as no surprise.

Nevertheless the young Morporkian-born Agatean decided not to choose for bloody conflict and instead ended up doing Community Service in return for the small brawlings that had occured. He was sentenced to remove graffiti off the walls in the city. Together with a worn-down brush and an empty bucket, he went in search for some decent water and soap.

His fruitless search ended after hours, when he tossed the bucket on the floor and sagged down on the street, depressed. He realized that he was not going to get the job done in time and be too late to catch the carriage back to Escrow. However it was then that he met one of the Duchess Saturday's Musketeers, who politely told him:

Big trees with big roots, yet small trees don't break!

Which not only cheered up his day, but also made him look up to see who had spoken these words of a wise, old Kimori saying. He saw a big smile. A smile belonging to a musketeer girl who clearly had agatean blood in her veins. The name of this musketeer: Yossarianna.

She helped him out by finding some good water for cleaning the graffiti away. After removing the graffiti, they decided to stay in touch through albatross-mail and talk more by letter later as Taiki was forced to leave in a hurry due to the carriage he had to take back. (A carriage which in turn showed up too late.)

With the return of Yossarianna Kimori to the family, the mystery surrounding one of Lord Kimori's brothers has been solved. We are happy to announce that he was not killed, he instead took the wrong boat.

Ending up in Genua, cut off from his other relatives and unaware how they were doing, he decided to start life anew and wait for better times. Yossarianna Kimori, born on Genuan soil, is his proud daughter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yet Another Link List

Personal selection of discworld tools on the web:

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Guild Specific:
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kimori Family Clan Update.

Everyone welcome Yva Kimori, Kimorian Priest of Gufnork. Child of Ikke, Brother of Dheroan and Cousin to Eliza, Dracania, Taiki and Myr.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My roots are in the depths of the woods.

Originally born from Agatean descendants that came to Ankh-Morpork as tourists, (At least that's how the gossip goes.) Kimori has settled on Ankh-Morporkian soil as their new home. Although they don't shun to travel around the disc, they definitely have no intention to leave any time soon. Distinguishable by the dark blue tribal markings on their body, they are perhaps a bit odd and have their own quirk sayings like:
"My roots are in the depths of the woods."
Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Is this the truth about Kimori? Or is there more to it?

Historical analysis of the past few hundred years reveals a line of new noblemen rising up from among the rubble that served the Agatean Emperor. A single man named Naoki was granted his title for his service to the Empire. This man, originating from the forests near the Mountains of the Sun adopted the name Kimori in honour of the large trees that grew there. The line prospered until a rough three decades ago when the snake nest known as politics resulted in the fall of the once mighty Kimori clan. Those who survived the bloodshed and annihalation, fled the Counter Weight Continent to seek refuge and rebuild their lives.

The Lord of the Kimori at the time survived and fled to the city of Ankh-Morpork with his wife. Most of their children were born on morporkian soil. The remaining Kimori sought contact with each other and tattooed their bodies with specific tribal markings in tribute to those who were slain in injustice.

More than ten years ago the Lord of the Kimori disappeared for good along with his wife and several other important Kimori. This was the deathstab to the once so great family. It is assumed they were assassinated, eventhough the bodies were never found. Those once loyal scattered for good. Any claim for nobility has been withdrawn by the Emperor, or as the officials state it:

Being born on soil outside the Empire no longer warrants continuation of a nobility line.

It was not until the coming of age of one of the younger sons of Lord Kimori, Taiki Kiyoshi Naoki Kimori, that the activity of Kimori returned. Although the Morporkian-born Agatean does not posses any political ambition, he has gone great lengths to find any remaining or former Kimori left and re-unite them in his clan. Even using the tattoos as a symbolic bind between the individual members.

Only time can tell what will happen to Kimori, but one thing is sure: Wherever a Kimori comes from, a Kimori is always a Kimori. Fierce loyalty to the family is all that matters and united they shall stand.

Discworld mud Kimori Family

3B@@0 ^$@/
~@@` %@V
C@X ~CB@@@V ^$@/
XB@@@@g3` %@V
X$@@@BGV(/@g ~ 8@X
V@/ `%@@@ G@V
`//@@@@@$GV^ `0@X `
3GgB$@@@@$8C@@^ ` ~V@@$0@@@@@@@8^
^ @@ /@@@@@@@@@@@@@GX(/~^.
^@@^ `` /B@@@G.
^VG0BBBBg%VG@@^ .%@@@@3g@@0/`
8@G` `C@@@$ .3@@G8@0^ ^3@@0(`
^@V G/ V@@B/ 3@% /G@@0V/
%$ V@@@( `g@3 `/0@@@@%/
3@( .V@@@V ^B@V ^V0$~
^$@0/ /^ /$@@0/ ^$@/
($@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@/ ^(^ /$@(
`:/VVVX/~ (@@/

To those who read the message and are of the same blood: "My roots are
in the depths of the woods!" The Kimori Clan calls its family back home.
The tree burned down, but the roots are still there. Deeply rooted.
Thus we grow again and call upon you who are our kin.

Unite! My brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, and all
those who were once called Kimori. We shall return our family to
greatness once more. With Agatean Honour and Morporkian Strength.

Lord Kimori of the Mountains of the Sun greets you all once more.

- Taiki Kimori, Morporkia - Bes Pelargic