Sunday, November 8, 2009


“Raaaargh!!” The flesh parted and the cloth ripped as several inches of forged steel burst forth out of Ilik’s back. The body went lifeless and sagged down to the earth. A black leather boot planted itself against Ilik’s chest and pushed the blade free. The gauntlet firmly holding onto it was dark green.

Uhr grinned and resheated his heavy sword. Taiki looked at the corpse and spat on it. “Filth. That was the last time you underestimated us.”

The mercenary seemed older, tougher. The blood had been splattered across his armour, that lost its shine long ago. Claw marks were etched into it here and there. It looked worn. As worn as the face that accompanied it. Additional scars now cleaved the tribal markings that adorned it.

Laule hummed as he healed the last of Taiki’s wounds. He nodded approvingly. “Pishe, will wash away the sin with her rain and the fertile soil will spring flowers to blossom!” Oli muttered under his breath as he removed Ilik’s possessions. “If not the flowers, then my wallet.”

Taiki tossed a piece of bloodied cloth away and inspected his now clean katana. Behind him Oli rose up. “All done.”

He nodded. “Onward then,” he spoke, “to let the world know we have returned.”

Witnesses later reported they had seen them run down Short Street, weapons drawn and determination set:

For Kimori!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Taxi Service

Quite a few Kimori have a job as taxi. They united themselves in what's often called "Kimori Airlines".

Some of them have listed their locations, prices and transportation capacity here.

Current listed Kimori taxi's: Kyoshi and Laule.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kimori Family Clan Update

Update of the tree. Uhr Kimori is the brother of Aremen, the brother-in-law of Kari, son of Eliza and Aferon, Nephew of Taiki, Myr and Azile. He's also the cousin of Carasel.

Uhr is very thrilled to be back in the folds of the family. His response to it clearly showing blood relation to the other warriors in our family:

Uhr says 'Uhr has kitty?'

And then we found out Taiki and Myr's older brother was still alive. Retired and living in Pumpkin town, but alive nonetheless. His name is Azile Kimori and he spends his days painting model birdcages and enjoying light rainfall. A warm welcome for him as well.

Azile Kimori is the brother of Myr, Taiki and Eliza. The uncle of Hidan, Carasel, Uhr and Aremen and cousin of Oli, Yossarianna, Laule, Yva, Ekki and Kyoshi. He's the nephew of Ikke and Keiichi.