Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Once more, with footnotes

Uhr Kimori has refound his way to the family. He could have certainly found us quicker, if he would have been able to read the address. That aside, give him a warm welcome. Update of family tree will follow. But for now a log from the family channel, explaining a few things here and there:

(Kimori Clan) Laule Kimori: uhr who are you related to? im trying to work it all out:)

Uhr Kimori gets a scrawny tabby cat from a club control room.
The ice blue moon dragon looks disgusted at the scrawny tabby cat.

(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: The ice blue moon dragon looks disgusted at the scrawny tabby cat.
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori is Uhr's uncle.
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Going to be Eliza's son.
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori: so he's my bad?
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori: dad! :)
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori grins
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: nah, wrong side of the tree
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori: he's my MUM???
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori:
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori cackles
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Yes, Corvid.
(Kimori Clan) Laule Kimori: very confused:)
(Kimori Clan) Uhr Kimori: hush
(Kimori Clan) Dolk Womblesworth: rofl
(Kimori Clan) Kari Kimori: amazing how these relatives turn up. All those years spent thinking you were the result of an immaculate conception, and then all of a sudden a dad pops up from nowhere. :p
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori laughs so hard he's actually splits his side
(Kimori Clan) Uhr Kimori: thats barbarians for you
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Uhr is Aremen's brother, Eliza's son, Kari's brother-in-law, nephew of Taiki, Myr and Azile. Cousin to Carasel and Hidan
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Might want to write that down Uhr ;)
(Kimori Clan) Uhr Kimori cant write
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori pastes a sticker on uhr's forehead
(Kimori Clan) Uhr Kimori grin
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Our family has five branches
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori: so wait up a sec, Kari and Carasel are my? niece and newphew type folks?
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: No. I'll explain
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Our ancestors had 4 children
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori apologies profusely
(Kimori Clan) Dolk Womblesworth: Isn't there a rather good picture somewhere?
(Kimori Clan) Uhr Kimori: its always the same, as soon as family gets involved, things get needlesly complicated
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori: kimori_clan so wait up a sec, Kari is my?
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori: sorry again!
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Corvid: master
(Kimori Clan) Laule Kimori: i looked at it couldent see uhr:)
(Kimori Clan) Kari Kimori rofls
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Taiki's father, Laule's father and and a twin (Ikke and Keiichi)
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Taiki's father had several children. Some born in Agatea and some born in Morpork (they moved)
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Azile (Agatea), Myr, Taiki and Eliza (Morpork) are four known names. A fifth elder sister is dead but had a child (hidan)
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Taiki has a child (Carasel) and Eliza is married (to Aferon) and had two children: Aremen (married to Kari) and Uhr
(Kimori Clan) Laule Kimori: dont forget the gennuan side:)
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Laule's father went to Genua and had three children: Oli, Yossarianna and Laule
(Kimori Clan) Laule Kimori: yay you read my mind:)
(Kimori Clan) Corvid Kimori pokes Laule and continues to listen
(Kimori Clan) Uhr Kimori: sorry, got disconnected
(Kimori Clan) Laule Kimori: have to start again:)
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Ikke and Keiichi got separated at birth. Keiichi was adopted by the Djelians and forms our Djelian branch. Ikke - his twin brother- ended up in Morpork as well and had four children. Yva, a twin (Kyoshi and Ekki) and Corvid.
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: He can read the history
(Kimori Clan) Azile Kimori emigrated to Pumpkin Town when he retired btw. He is doing fine painting model birdcages and enjoying light rainfall.
(Kimori Clan) Uhr Kimori: issnt there a way to catchup the last messages?
(Kimori Clan) Kari Kimori: 'kimori_clan history'
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: So, any questions?
(Kimori Clan) Uhr Kimori: nope
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: Good
(Kimori Clan) Laule Kimori: can we set up relationships with thouse who arnt cousens, i have carasel as student, but how can i make relationship with uhr?
(Kimori Clan) Kari Kimori needs to set up relationships with, well, pretty much everyone.
(Kimori Clan) Laule Kimori: ok that sounds like a plan:)
(Kimori Clan) Taiki Kimori: :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kimori Family Clan Update

For those who were too blind to notice: we're back. Officially. And we ain't leaving this time.
So tremble and despair for we are Kimori. *ahem*

I bring thee a new update. It's been quite some time.

New are: Aremen Kimori, Kari Kimori, Laule Kimori, Carasel Kimori and Corvid Kimori.

Give them a warm welcome to the family and do not forget to update those relationship links!