Friday, March 26, 2010

Kimori Family Clan Update

The latest update of the family tree. A bit on the late side, but an update indeed. The tree now shows the difference between the vital members of the family and those who passed away. All relations are reasoned from the current Lord of Kimori: Taiki.

With the addition of Valdulech, maid of the Kimori household and lover of her manly barbarian Uhr, the family tree has grown a bit more.

The second part is the first effort to portray the more advancing, complicated relations within the clan. The current effort shows the relation between the council members and those who serve the clan - and are therefore Kimori - but do not have any bloodties (yet) with the family. These are listed under the Special Forces section.

We are now awaiting the second effort, which will hopefully make a lot more sense. So stay tuned!