Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My roots are still in the woords (repost)

Originally born from Agatean descendants that came to Ankh-Morpork as tourists, (At least that's how the gossip goes.) Kimori has settled on Ankh-Morporkian soil as their new home. Although they don't shun to travel around the disc, they definitely have no intention to leave any time soon. Distinguishable by the dark blue tribal markings on their body, they are perhaps a bit odd and have their own quirk sayings like:
"My roots are in the depths of the woods."
Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Is this the truth about Kimori? Or is there more to it?

Historical analysis of the past few hundred years reveals a line of new noblemen rising up from among the rubble that served the Agatean Emperor. A single man named Naoki was granted his title for his service to the Empire. This man, originating from the forests near the Mountains of the Sun adopted the name Kimori in honour of the large trees that grew there. The line prospered until a rough three decades ago when the snake nest known as politics resulted in the fall of the once mighty Kimori clan. Those who survived the bloodshed and annihalation, fled the Counter Weight Continent to seek refuge and rebuild their lives.

The Lord of the Kimori at the time survived and fled to the city of Ankh-Morpork with his wife. Most of their children were born on morporkian soil. The remaining Kimori sought contact with each other and tattooed their bodies with specific tribal markings in tribute to those who were slain in injustice.

Only time can tell what will happen to Kimori, but one thing is sure: Wherever a Kimori comes from, a Kimori is always a Kimori. Fierce loyalty to the family is all that matters and united they shall stand.

/set var_avxp_five_min 300

/def avxp_set_base_time = \
  /if ( {var_avxp_base_time} =~ "" ) \
    /test regmatch("^([0-9]+)", time()) %; \
    /set var_avxp_base_time %{P1} %; \
  /endif %; \


/if ( {var_avxp_five_total} =~ "" ) \
  /set var_avxp_five_total 0 %; \

/def -F -E'var_avxp_base_time' -mregexp \
  -t'^Hp: [0-9]+ ?\([0-9]+\) +Gp: [0-9]+ ?\([0-9]+\) +Xp: ([0-9]+)' \
  trigger_avxp_monitor_check = \
    /if ( {var_avxp_xp_prev} =~ "" ) \
      /set var_avxp_xp_prev %{P1} %; \
      /return %; \
    /endif %; \
    /set var_avxp_xp_diff $[{P1} - {var_avxp_xp_prev}] %; \
    /set var_avxp_xp_prev %{P1} %; \
    /if ( {var_avxp_xp_diff} >= 0 ) \
      /test {var_avxp_five_total} += {var_avxp_xp_diff} %; \
    /endif %; \
    /test regmatch("^([0-9]+)", time()) %; \
    /set var_avxp_tmp %{P1} %; \
    /set var_avxp_diff $[{var_avxp_tmp} - {var_avxp_base_time}] %; \
    /if ( {var_avxp_diff} > {var_avxp_five_min} ) \
      /echo -aBCcyan In the last five minutes, you made %{var_avxp_five_total} xp. ($[{var_avxp_five_total} * 12] xp/hour) %; \
      /set var_avxp_base_time %{var_avxp_tmp} %; \
      /set var_avxp_five_total 0 %; \

/def -F -mregexp \
  -t'^(Hp: ([0-9]+) ?\([0-9]+\)) +(Gp: ([0-9]+) ?\(([0-9]+)\)) +(Xp: ([0-9]+))' \
  trigger_hp_mon = \
    /set var_mon1 %{P1} %; /set var_mon2 %{P2} %; /set var_mon3 %{P3} %; \
    /set var_mon4 %{P4} %; /set var_mon5 %{P5} %; /set var_mon6 %{P6} %; \
    /set var_mon7 %{P7} %; \
    /test regmatch("@{(B?C[a-z]+)}", encode_attr({*})) %; \
    /substitute -ax%{P1} %{var_mon1} [$[{var_mon2} - {var_hp}]]  %{var_mon3} [$[{var_mon4} - {var_gp}]]  %{var_mon6} [$[{var_mon7} - {var_xp}]] %; \
    /set var_hp %{var_mon2} %; /set var_gp %{var_mon4} %; \
    /set var_max_gp %{var_mon5} %; /set var_xp %{var_mon7}

vashti xp counter patch

to fish vashti's tf xp counter for the new including burden score brief, remove the dollar sign at the end of the regex:
 -t'^(Hp: ([0-9]+) ?\([0-9]+\)) +(Gp: ([0-9]+) ?\(([0-9]+)\)) +(Xp: ([0-9]+))$' \

 -t'^(Hp: ([0-9]+) ?\([0-9]+\)) +(Gp: ([0-9]+) ?\(([0-9]+)\)) +(Xp: ([0-9]+))' \

that fixes it
(vashti xp counter tinyfugue 

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