Friday, April 1, 2011

Dokai's story

In charicter acount from Laule Kimori

Last night I was sauntering around the streets of Ohulan-Cutash and a voice spoke from behind me, "Laule Kimori!" the voice said, I turned to look but there was nobody around, only shadows! I turned to continue my jorny, took another step, "How's that dump Genua these days?" I turned and before me where there had been no one, stood a man with orange in his eyes, I instantly recognised as Dokai, from far back in my youth.

Dokai's story-

Originally from the Hunghung district of Agatea, two weary travelers from Genua duck in from the rain in one of the more popular orphanages in the area. After spending some time looking about they told the caregiver of the orphanage that they would take the quiet boy with the strange orange eyes. The boy seemed small and wouldn't cost much too feed, plus his odd colored eyes were probably nothing more than malnutrition. The happy family made its way back to Genua and the boy's new house.

The orphanage had provided limited information about the small child, nothing more than a hand written note scribbled on paper that seemed as though it had sat in the rain for quite some time. The note read something like, "Take care of dookie". Thankfully, because the orphanage had uneasy feelings about calling the baby "dookie", they conveniently decided that there was only one "o" in the last word of the only written history of Dokai's beginnings.

Dokai learned to hate Genua and everything it had to offer, he resented his new parents for taking him away from the only home he ever knew. He hardly knew his siblings, and only spoke with Laule for any length of time, and that was only to inquire how his half-brother could even stand the city. His love for this place was bewildering to Dokai, a strange and alien feeling that he always probed when given the opportunity.

Dokai spent most of his time hiding from everyone, sitting in his own dark moods away from his family and other kids his age. Outcast from the people of Genua, distanced from his family, he took the first opportunity he could to run away from home. Having never been far from home before, he quickly learned important survival techniques and finally made his way back to Bes Pelargic. He somehow felt at home in this city, as though he belonged. Because of his strange nature, he never fully developed the right type of people skills needed to become a productive member of society, like a banker, or a street sweeper. Instead, he chose to spend his time learning of the ninja.

Dokai jumped into the culture of Agatea with both feet, attempting to make up for lost time, searching for anything that might give him a little insight into who he really was and where he came from. Satisfied with the things he learned, but not finding the answers he was looking for, he moved on to other foreign lands. He can be seen to this day, spending time in his beloved city of Bes Pelargic, and his new acquaintance, Ankh-Morpork and it's surrounding towns. He still keeps in touch with his half-brother, forever curious of his peculiar tastes and funny habits.